LANACare Baby/Toddler Vest in Organic Merino Wool

LANACare Baby/Toddler Vest in Organic Merino Wool Description

Add an extra layer of warmth, without over-bundling, with LANACare Baby/Toddler Vest in soothingly soft KbT-certified organic wool. Natural fibers breathe to maintain comfort in warmth or cold. Untreated organic wool can absorb up to 40% of its own weight in moisture before feeling damp. And wool continues to give warmth even when it feels wet, unlike other textiles. As wool absorbs moisture, lanolin cleanses away bacteria and odors, minimizing need for washing. Many woolen items are treated with chemicals to make them machine-washable. No such chemicals are used on the wool which LANACare products are made of. Best care is to hand-wash occasionally in lanolin-replenishing soap to maintain wool’s natural self-cleansing properties. European sizing correlates with baby’s full-length in centimeters, even for hats. 50 = 20 inches. 62 = 24.5 inches. 74 = 29 inches. 80 = 31.5 in. 86 = 34 inches. 98 = 38.5 in. 110 = 43.5 in. Choose size based on your baby’s full length. Formerly produced in Denmark, now made in the European Union country of Lithuania.

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